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The Leonia Office of Emergency Management in partnership with the Police, Fire, Emergency Medical Services, Public Works and other Municipal Departments coordinates disaster planning, preparation, rehearsal and review of the emergency operations plan for Leonia. This involves the coordination with and cooperation of federal, state, county and municipal agencies that would respond or be affected in cases of disaster.
During times of an emergency, the Office coordinates the response effort from all aspects of government and the community to insure adequate services are rendered and timely recovery made, while insuring that vital services to the community continue. The Office recognizes and utilizes the four phases of emergency management: preparedness, response, recovery and mitigation. Preparedness includes; planning, training, and exercising on how to respond to an emergency. Response includes coordinating activities and resources as the emergency is evolving. Recovery includes assisting the local jurisdiction to return to a normal lifestyle. Mitigation includes ways to reduce or eliminate loss if the same event occurs again.