Environmental Commission

Our Members

Chair - Christoph Hesterbrink (2019)          
Richard Lundquist (2019)
William Russell (Planning Board) (2020)
James Leynse (2021)
Julie Ulbrich Vassallo (2021)
Christie Evans (2021)
Kathryn Mirbaba (Shade Tree Comm.) (2021)

Soo Joung Woo(Shade Tree Comm.) (2021)

  Lela Charney-Squiteri (Alternate I) (2019)

Davida Scharf (Alternate II) (2019)

Our Meetings

1st Tuesday of the month in the Borough Hall Conference Room

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Important Information

The Leonia Environmental Commission was created by Ordinance No. 703 in 1972 making it one of the first environmental commissions in New Jersey. The Commission is appointed by the Mayor with the advice and consent of the Council, one of whom shall also be a member of the Planning Board and all of whom shall be residents of Leonia.  The Commission is an advisory body to the Mayor and Council and is charged with studying and making recommendations in areas of conservation and environmental protection, including but not limited to open space preservation, water resources, solid waste management and beautification. It is also responsible for the care of Highwood Hills, our Green Acres Natural Area. The Commission is comprised of seven regular members and two alternate members.  Two regular members are also members of the Shade Tree Commission, and one is a member of the Planning Board.

In addition to its legal obligations, the Commission also co-sponsors (with the Shade Tree Commission) the annual Arbor/Earth Leonia Day each May; organizes the fall cleanup of Highwood Hills; and participates in the Health Fair.

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