Body Worn Cameras

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The Leonia Police Department is proud to join the growing numbers of police departments which have deployed Body Worn Cameras (BWCs).

Leonia Police Officer with a Body Worn CameraBWCs are increasingly important tools for modern law enforcement, as they have been found to:

  • Help to strengthen police-citizen trust
  • Ensure public accountability
  • Improve officer and public safety, and
  • Reduce liability for public law enforcement organizations.

The cameras are affixed to the officer's uniform as seen in the photo, and capture video and audio facing forward, similar to what the officer would see if facing forward. The footage is constantly streamed so that when they are activated, the system begins saving footage prior to the camera's activation and ongoing until the officer turns it off.

For additional information or questions you can email Leonia Police Captain Scott Tamagny or call 201-592-5761.