Pursuant to State of New Jersey Executive Order #107, all Leonia residents are ordered to stay at home, except for certain essential activities. See details under "news" section of home page or by visiting

The Borough Clerk is the records custodian for the Borough, the secretary to the Mayor and Council, and is responsible for municipal elections, records retention and various statutory compliance, as well as facilitating the public's access to information online and via the New Jersey Open Public Records Act.

Open Public Records Act Requests

Submit an Open Public Records Act request online. 

Please be aware there may be fees associated with your request before you receive the documents requested. If you have any questions, please reach out to the Borough Clerk by calling 201-592-5780 ext. 256

Other ways you may be able to find information:

Absentee Landlord

If you own a home in Leonia but rent the home to someone you must by State Law register with the Borough Clerk's Office. The form is available on-line, or in the Building Department. Please complete the form and mail Borough of Leonia, 312 Broad Avenue, Attn: Borough Clerk.

Voter Registration

Voter registration forms can be downloaded below (in English or Korean), or are available from the Clerk's office during normal business hours. Forms may be submitted by mail or in person. For additional information, absentee ballet applications, or voter registration forms in alternate languages, please visit

Raffle License - Instructions for Application

The Legalized Games of Chance Control Commission (LGCCC) is the state agency that regulates and oversees the conduct of raffles in New Jersey. In order that we may process your application to hold a raffle drawing within the Borough of Leonia as quickly as possible, please follow the directions below. Remember: An application that is incomplete upon submission cannot be processed until corrected.

  1. Your organization must be registered with LGCCC prior to the submission of a raffle application to the Borough Clerk of the municipality where the raffle drawing will be held. The LGCCC registration form and instructions are available to be downloaded.

  2. Each time you submit a raffle application, you must bring in the registration card issued by the LGCCC; the card confirms the identification number and organization name under which you are registered with the commission, and has both an effective date and expiration date. No application will be considered without proof of registration as required. If your application is submitted without the Registration Card, your application is considered incomplete.

  3. Complete four (4) copies of the Raffle Application for each raffle event you are planning. All must be originals with notarized original signatures. Your application must be signed by an Officer of your Organization, and two or more Members in Charge of the Raffle. The exact ages of the organization’s Officers and the Members in Charge must be included for the required background checks. If your application is submitted without notarized signatures, your application is considered incomplete.

  4. If you are conducting any type of Off-Premise Raffle (i.e.; tickets will be printed and sold prior to the drawing date in locations other than the drawing site), you must submit 2 sample ticket forms for either the Off-Premise Merchandise Raffle or the Off-Premise 50/50 Raffle at the time you submit your application. The information required to be printed on the form is outlined on the sample tickets. If the type of raffle requires submission of a sample ticket and you submit your application without it, your application is considered incomplete.

  5. Fees: Set by the state and due at the time your application is submitted. Fees are charged in accordance with the type of raffles license requested and prizes awarded. Two (2) checks may be required; one made out to the Borough of Leonia and one to Legalized Games of Chance. Call the Office of the Borough Clerk at 201-592-5780 Monday through Friday (holidays excluded) between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm for the appropriate fees.

  6. Application Deadline: You must submit your complete raffle application ten (10) days prior to a regularly scheduled public meeting of the mayor and council. Your application is approved via resolution of the governing body and then forwarded to the LGCCC for their review and approval. Following approval by them, your license will be issued fourteen (14 days) after the filing of your application with the Legalized Games of Chance Control Commission. This is the law. At the time you submit your application, please indicate whether you wish the License mailed to the Member in Charge, or if the License will be picked up at the Office of the Borough Clerk.

  7. Raffle License Issued: Your License package will contain the License to conduct the raffle event (and it must be posted at the event), a Printer’s Certificate if you held an Off-Premise Raffle for which tickets were printed, and a Report of Operations form that must be filed with LGCCC (with copy to the Borough Clerk) immediately following your event. Failure to file the Report of Operations will preclude you from obtaining a Raffle License for a future event.