Shade Tree Commission

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The members of the Shade Tree Commission are appointed by the Mayor and serve without compensation. STC members are appointed by the Mayor and Council for five year terms. There are 7 regular members and two alternates.

The Leonia Shade Tree Commission is charged with protecting and renewing one of our town's most important qualities: its fabulous population of shade trees. Through the efforts of the Commission, Leonia has been recognized by the National Arbor Day Foundation as a “Tree City U.S.A." for the past twenty nine years.

Report a Tree Problem

Tree Evaluations

If you have a tree that is on Borough property or on the right of way in front of your property that looks damaged or diseased, contact the Shade Tree Commission via "Request Service" on the website for an inspection. If the tree does need to have work performed on it, the work will be performed by the Borough at no cost to you. If there is an emergency please contact Borough Hall (Monday thru Friday at noon) or the Police Department (Saturday and Sunday).

Planting New Trees

In addition to maintaining the Borough's existing tree population, the Shade Tree Commission is also responsible for planting new trees. If you would like to be put on the list to have a new tree planted on the Borough Right-Of-Way in front of your home, send your request via the “Request Service” link and select "Trees."

Commission Members

  • Christine Healy-Sammis (2021)
  • Jane Wilson (exp. 2022)
  • Imanta Bergmanis (exp. 2022)
  • Gloria Arlak (exp. 2021)
  • Julie Ulbrich (exp. 2023)
  • Mark Spiegel (exp. 2023)
  • Kate Mirbaba (exp. 2023)
  • Vivian DeMarco (exp. 2020)
  • Bill Ziegler - Council Liaison


The Shade Tree Commission meets on the second Wednesday of each month, except July and August, at 7:30 PM in the Borough Hall Annex at 305 Beechwood Place.

Agendas & Minutes

2009-2016 Meetings