Commitment to Racial Equity

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The Borough of Leonia is committed to ensuring that it identifies and roots out both institutional and individual racism wherever it may exist. We are proud of our community's diversity, and Leonia's municipal government is determined to show consistent, meaningful leadership in this ongoing issue.

Korean-Language Town Hall Meeting on Racism and Racial Equity

On June 24, 2020, Mayor Zeigler hosted a special Town Hall meeting on racism and racial equity. Thanks to volunteer translators, the meeting was held both in English and Korean. Approximately 80 households attended, and shared their comments, concerns, issues and suggestions directly with the Mayor.

View Video Recording - Korean-Language Town Hall Meeting on Racism and Racial Equality

Mayor's Advisory Committee on Racism and Racial Equity

In order to assist the Borough with its efforts to ensure that issues of racial equity remain a consistent priority, Mayor Zeigler has established the Mayor's Advisory Committee on Racial Equity. The Committee will help to develop concrete action plans against the priorities established in the Borough’s resolution 2020-124 (declaring Racism as a public health crisis), and ensure that accountability is maintained both for the municipal government and for all residents of our community.

The Committee will be comprised of individuals who, collectively, represent the diversity of Leonia as a whole; in addition, I will be appointing individuals of various ages, including students, as these Leonians not only represent an important perspective, but are also the people who, in large measure, will be the ones who effect meaningful change. The Committee appointments will be announced at the July 6, 2020 meeting of the Leonia Mayor and Council


Resolution Declaring Racism as a Public Health Crisis 

On June 1, 2020, Leonia became the first community in New Jersey to declare racism as a public health crisis. The resolution contains specific actions that Leonia's Mayor and Council are and will continue to take to make progress in dismantling racism in all its forms.

You can read a copy of the resolution here.

Town Hall Meeting on Racial Equity

On June 4, 2020, Mayor Zeigler convened a Town Hall meeting on racial equity. Panelists of various backgrounds provided their perspectives and experiences, and many of the 293 households (representing hundreds of Leonians) who participated also spoke and offered experiences, thoughts, and ideas. 

If you missed the Town Hall meeting, you can view a recording of it here.